Belsonic with Absolut #AbsolutAface

On Tuesday I went to Belsonic to see Ellie Goulding with Absolut NI as an Absolut VIP. This year's Belsonic created such a buzz in the city. Not only did they have a host of awesome acts lined up and a fanzone to watch Northern Ireland and Ireland's progress throughout the Euro's but they made the move from their well known location in Custom House Square to new premises of the Titanic Slipways, having been to Custom House Square gigs in the past I was excited to see what the new location had to offer.

Getting ready I was in a bit of panic over what to wear that do both beer bike comfort and concert chic. I opted for black skinny jeans from DV8 and a coral and white striped top which was past season from River Island along with black block heeled boots from Primark. I also took along my top festival essential - a black parka in a pocket from Primark in case it rained.

We met at The National for pre-drinks and nibbles before hopping on the Wee Toast Tours beer bike to take the scenic route over to the Titanic Quarter. I'm sure you've probably seen the beer bike about town but if you haven't it's basically a bar on wheels with seats on either side for people to sit at. There are pedals at each seat and basically everyone has to cycle to make it move. 

This was the second time in a few days that I had been on the it as we had done it for a friend's hen party the weekend previously. I was under the impression that there was a secret engine or something that helped you make it move but no you have to cycle! I'm not going to lie the cycling is hard work - especially on bits where there's an incline but even though it's tough it's good craic and I would definitely recommend it for any group night out.

As we cycled there was plenty of Absolut cocktails on offer to keep up hydrated. We pulled up outside the entrance to Belsonic to be met with food provided by Cast and Crew - a full range of burgers, hotdogs and chips were on offer as we finished our cocktails. I've never ate in Cast and Crew but the food looked and tasted so yummy I will definitely be have to stop by for a visit soon.

After eating we headed in to collect our tickets and VIP bands - we arrived just as the Coronas were playing and the atmosphere was buzzing. I headed into the VIP tent to explore and see what was going on. 
Urban Roots were there doing hair braiding and a selection of Paddy McGurgan's makeup artist's from the Makeup Pro Store were doing neon face painting. This year's Absolut theme was all about your #AbsolutAface and everyone's A face game was strong.

I got myself a drink and headed outside into the crowd to enjoy the music. I wouldn't say I'm a massive Ellie Goulding fan, I do like a few of her songs and I had seen her before at another festival so I knew she would put on a good show.

I have to say in terms of the location the Titanic Slipways is certainly a lot bigger than Custom House Square and I personally preferred it when it was there. I still had such a fun evening cycling on the beer bike, getting my A face on with neon face paint and braids and dancing the night away. Absolut nights out never disappoint and I can't wait to see what the next one will ,have in store.

*Thanks so much to Sinead at MCE and the girls at Dillon Bass for inviting me along. All opinions are my own.


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